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We come to you
We define ourselves in terms of nearness to the customer, efficiency and quality and we are always consistent in putting the needs of the customer at the focal point of all our activities. Complex and demanding tasks can only be successfully mastered with specialists. With our competent staff, we give our customers the security of knowing that they have a reliable external partner at their side.

Innovation is one of the most important reasons for the success of the CarTec Group. The art of engineering – the knowledge and ability to develop successful technical products.

Leadership and team
In any service-oriented organisation, it is the people who work in it and for it who are the most important ingredients of its success. The management team is of decisive importance in this respect. How they behave influences the willingness of the staff to perform well to a very great extent.

Being human comes first
We ensure there is a culturally-varied working environment into which staff of the most widely-different nationalities can introduce their skills, increase our competency and thus enrich our company culture. We set great store by the value of personal relationships with our customers, suppliers and other business partners stretching back many years.

Our responsibilities to you
We expect a high standard of personal behaviour. Fairness and honesty govern relationships not only in the enterprise but also with our business partners and in dealings with the public.

Standing, our synonym for long-term orientation
Our extensive experience is the best guarantee of the support we can offer our customers and of strengthening our competitive position. Only long-term orientation can achieve the greatest benefit for the customer and make synergy effects possible. We work economically and profitably in order to fulfil our obligations, to secure the growth of the company and to realise our objectives.